Teaching Your Child How To Care For Their Teeth

Taking care of your child’s teeth begins at an early age. While Dentists in Mansfield, Ohio can teach your child how to brush their teeth during their bi-annual dental appointment, it is up to the parents to reinforce the practice and ensure that you child is brushing correctly.

In order to be sure that your child is brushing their teeth at least twice daily, make a routine of brushing. Whether it is right when they get out of the shower or right after breakfast, you should make it a habit to brush their teeth at the same time every day. Keep your brushing supplies within your child’s reach, so that they can brush their teeth themselves. Encourage them to brush whenever their teeth feel unclean.

There are many toothbrushes on the market today that are geared toward children, and help to make brushing teeth exciting. While some toothbrushes play music, others have popular cartoon characters on them. Power brushes are another innovative idea in kids’ toothbrushes. As the brush oscillates and vibrates, they can move the brush around their teeth. These toothbrushes work especially well for kids who may not be able to brush their teeth very well normally. With their little hands, they often have problems brushing up and down. The power brushes work to maximize their brushing potential. Dentists in Mansfield, Ohio can recommend their favorite toothbrush for children.

Timing is another issue when it comes to kids brushing their teeth. Often times, they brush for just a few seconds and consider themselves done. Having a timer or hourglass that your child can use to time their brushing is a great idea. You can even make a game of it. Have them flip over the hourglass, and race against the sand. Many dentists in Mansfield, Ohio will have timing devices available for your child.

If you have any doubts that your child is getting all of their teeth brushed, you may want to make a point of going over their teeth a second time. Letting them brush their teeth at first will give them a sense of confidence that they can get the job done themselves. You can be your child’s tooth brushing buddy, and do a quick brush after they are done, just to make sure every tooth was brushed well.

Remember to floss. Kid’s floss picks come in many different colors and make flossing fun. They are easy to use, making it possible for kids to floss their own teeth.