Update the Look of Your Teeth With a Set of Veneers

If you have teeth that are stained from years of drinking coffee or tea, dental veneers in Chicago may be the right choice to improve the look of your smile. Veneers are custom-made for you in a dental lab. To begin the process, we take impressions of your teeth. Once the veneers are ready, we remove a little enamel from the surface of each tooth that will get a veneer. Because we have to remove some of the enamel, your teeth will always need to have a veneer or a crown.

You might also be a candidate for dental veneers if you used to smoke, but now you have stopped. Smoking causes a yellowish or brownish discoloration of the teeth. These stains cannot be lifted with cosmetic teeth whitening gels, pastes or mouthwashes. A veneer can cover up the stain on the tooth and give you the beautiful smile that you deserve to have as an ex-smoker.

Veneers are also a good choice if you have a tooth that is discolored as a result of a medical or dental therapy. Some people may have discolored teeth because of fluorosis or a medication that their mothers took before they were born. Radiation treatments and some medications may also cause one or more of your teeth to be discolored. An injury to the tooth may cause permanent discoloration. These problems can be fixed cosmetically with veneers. The dental veneers are only recommended if your teeth and gums are healthy and you have no oral infections or diseases.

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