What Happens at a Dental Exam, Find a Dentist in Highland Park

A routine dental exam should be performed at a dentist’s office and should be done twice a year. It is part of preventative oral health care and everyone, regardless of their situation, should have one. Highland Park residents should consider going every six months, though some dentists may recommend that you wait longer between visits or visit more frequently depending on your particular needs.

What Happens

In most cases, your visit entails getting x-rays of your teeth and jaw. However, you are likely to only need this service performed once a year or once every other year. Therefore, if you went for your six-month check-up and just had x-rays taken, they probably won’t have to do it again unless you switch dentists or have an issue, such as pain or new sensitivity.

Usually, the hygienist sees you and checks your teeth for cavities. He or she will also clean your teeth using a slightly gritty paste and a dental tool to help polish each tooth. They also scrape away tartar and plaque, as well as floss your teeth to ensure that they have removed all the tartar from your teeth.


If you aren’t complaining about pain, you may not even see the dentist that day. Do not worry if you only talk to and see the hygienist. They have enough experience to handle routine oral care. If, however, you do experience pain or have a question, you are likely to talk to the dentist. They can check your neck, face, and mouth for problems, as well as talk to you about your diet or oral care needs.

A dental exam is the easiest and quickest way to prevent oral health issues. Visit North Suburban Dental in Highland Park at https://www.nsdentist.com to schedule your appointment.